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Build Me One!   Stock Instruments   Trombone   Clarinet   Trumpet   Flute   Sax   Bassoon

Hi, I'm Greg, and I enjoy making lamps from musical instruments ... I got started when I bought an old trombone for Geremy (our son) but it turned out to look a lot nicer than it played <grimace>.  I've made lamps out of many types of instruments, with trombones and clarinets being the most common.  More lamps are in the queue, including two really interesting single-valve bugles, and even an old Eb Alto French Horn!

To browse through the various types of lamps that I've made, please click on the applicable link:

Trombone   Clarinet   Trumpet   Flute   Sax   Bassoon

Musicians need not feel sorry for these instruments.  They were carefully chosen for this purpose, and all but a few were purchased off eBay for very low prices.  Some are broken, and others are aged to the point where it would cost more than they are worth to bring them back into playable condition.  Still others are of only moderate quality (to be kind) as musical instruments, but will bring lots of happiness to folks' living rooms, dens, and music rooms as lamps!

If you have comments, or if you have an old instrument that you'd like to turn into a family heirloom lamp, feel free to click here to drop me (Greg) a note!  Or if you're too shy and just want an idea of what it would cost (yes, I get a lot of e-mails asking only that question), feel free to visit my "Build Me One!" page.

And to see what types of instruments I currently have in stock, visit my Stock Instruments page.

If you're interested in building your own lamp, I've posted tips on some of the lamp pages ... and feel free to drop me a note with questions ... I'm no expert, but I'll help if I can!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to get a chance to chat with you about lamps, instruments, music, or anything else you'd like to discuss!

Build Me One!   Stock Instruments   Trombone   Clarinet   Trumpet   Flute   Sax   Bassoon

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